1. FAQ - About US


Who is ResearchKart.com?

ResearchKart.com Corp. is one of the largest online providers of Market Research Publications on your niche market. We have made available all kinds of Market Knowledge accessible to business professionals, organisations, entrepreneurs, promoters, students, institutes and individuals living in all over the world. Know more...


What kind of Support ResearchKart.com provides?

Our research publications are not only at competitive prices, but also supported by timely delivery and brilliant customer service. Our dedicated Service Delivery team provides you every kind achievable support not only to choose correct research publications using our website but also most excellent before & after sales services.


For any kind of support, or queries you can please write to or email to our Customer Service Desk or reach us at +91 22 65 22 3 55 6 (International).

[Our Customer Service Desk is exclusively open for 24 X 7]


2. FAQ - Registration & Accounts


How and why do I register?

To Register or Login, see on the top left hand side or bottom footer of our website. Click on login or register. The Registration process is required for viewing full access to publication info page and purchasing research reports. 


I forgot my password. What do I do?

Simply go to Login page & click on ‘Forgot your password’, enter your email ID registered with us. New system generated password will be sent to the email address used as your username.

To change your password, Login to your account, go to ‘My Account’, and click on ‘Change my account password’.



3. FAQ - About Our Website – ResearchKart.com


How do I Search or find Publications on website? 

On our homepage, you will be able to locate Publication Categories Index. You can browse & search for needed publication by clicking on relevant Categories.


You may also begin with a keyword search using the search and advance search field on the top left header on our website. After searching and locating a report of your interest, click on the report title to view detailed publication information i.e. executive summary, including a descriptive abstract, table of contents, selected charts etc... You can still choose the license mode option as per you requirement. To place a purchase order, please click on ‘Add this to My Cart’ and proceed for login.

[* Final price is the Starting Price + Additional Price (if any) shown with license mode dropdown option]


How can I place a Purchase Order on ResearchKart.com?


Register and Login

If you new to our website, you need to register first to place a purchase order. If you are already registered please login with your email ID & password.


Add to Card

When you have decided to buy publication on ResearchKart.com, please click on ‘Add this to My Cart’ on product info page. You will be redirected to ‘Shopping Cart.


In shopping Cart please check & confirm all details and then click on ‘Go to Checkout’ to proceed an order.

[If you are not logged; you will be redirected to Log In Page. Please login to proceed…]


Now there are three Steps:


Step 1: Delivery Information

Please check your delivery Information [To change it click on ‘Change your Address’]

Please chose Shipping Method

You can also provide, Special Instruction or comments about your order – if any


Click on ‘Continue Checkout’ to proceed…


Step 2: Payment Information

Please choose your payment method as follows:

Check / DD / bank Transfer : If you wish to pay through Bank Transfer

Credit Card : If you wish to pay online through Credit Card [ We accept, Visa, Master & AMEX cards]


Click on ‘Continue Checkout’ to proceed…


Step 3: Order Confirmation

Please check all details carefully & Click on ‘Confirm the Order’ to proceed for payment…


In case you wish to pay online through your credit card :

You will be redirect to Secure Payment Details Page.Please provide Billing Details, Delivery Details & Your Credit Card Details Carefully. Provide confirmation code & click on ‘Pay Now’ – Please wait for a moment, while we complete your transaction.


In case you wish to pay through Check / DD / Bank Transfer :

To get our Bank Details, please contact our Customer Service Desk write to or email to our Customer Service Desk or reach us at +91 22 65 22 3 55 6 (International).


[ Please note, order will not be processed or delivered untill we receive payment ]


4. FAQ - About Research Publications or Reports


What kinds of Research Reports do you sell?

We sell Market Research Reports, Books and Publications on Business Research, Industries, Global Market, Company Profiles and all kinds of Market research, from world’s leading Research Publications & Market Analyst.


How are reports in your website priced?

The Report prices are set by the publishers. We often work with our publishers to arrange some kind of special offers, discounts and promotions. For discount & offers please check our special research publications page.


How do you deliver the reports?

The delivery of reports is depends on format & mode of license of report(s). Following are different kinds of formats of report(s) and their delivery options :

Electronic Format – Through E- mail from Publisher

Report will be sent to your username email address in PDF, Excel, PowerPoint or any other electronic / softcopy format by publisher.

Delivery Time: 12 to 48 hours [depending on time difference or occurrences of national holidays]


Hard Copy or Printed Format or CD Rom – Through Mail or Courier from Publisher
Report will be sent through mail / courier delivery to your shipping address by publisher.

Delivery Time: Less than, few weeks [depending on time difference or occurrences of national holidays]


How can I make payment for publications I purchase?
You could be able to make the payment, in following ways :


a.     Online Payment through Credit Card Payment : We accept Visa, Master & AMEX Cards

b.     Transfer of fund to our bank account via Bank transfer or Wire transfer

c.     Payment via DD or Cheque [Please contact us for our bank details]


Please note that, we accept online payment in USD Currency only. In case you wish to make payment, in other than USD currency, please contact our Customer Service Desk at info@ResearchKart.com.


Please note

There may be a delivery options, other than above mentioned.

All delivery options may or may not be available for all publications.


How do you manage with shipping charges?

Shipping charges may apply when data is to be shipped via mail or courier in hard copy or printed format or CD-Rom etc. Shipping and handling charges are charged to the customer, based on the weight or quantity of the products ordered. [Subject to Publisher Policy]


What are the various modes of Licenses and their usage?
Following are different modes of Licenses.


Single User License: 

This license allows only one person to use the report. This person can use the report on any computer and may take print outs of the report but must take care of not sharing the report (or any information contained therein) with any other individual or people. Unless you purchase a Site License or a Global Site License, a Single User License must be purchased for every single person that wishes to use the report within the same enterprise.


Site License: 

This license allows unlimited users to use the report within one company location, e.g. a regional office. These users can use the report on any computer and may take print outs of the report but must take care of not sharing the report (or any information contained therein) with any other individual or people.


Enterprise wide Site License or Global Site License:

A Global Site License is a license granted to original purchaser, who can share a report with other employees and authorized Users of the same organization. [Subject to Publisher Policies]


Please note

All rights have been reserved by the copyright holders of respective publications.

All above mentioned license modes may or may not be available for all reports.

The mode of reports & time of delivery may be different from publisher to publisher.


Still have some quations ??? You may please contact our Market Research expert for further doubts & information.